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Routine Maintenance Requests may be submitted online, using the form below. They will be processed during our next business day. Please submit a form for each maintenance request. Emergency Maintenance Requests must be submitted by phone. Please Call: 480-830-9945 to report your report your Emergency. Farnsworth Property Management is on call 24 hours a day. We hope that you will never need this service, but if you do please call us, at any time. Prior to making a call, we want you to know what to expect. Emergencies are classified as items which require immediate attention that would pose greater danger or damage, if not attended to immediately. In case of emergency, please ensure that all tenants are out of harm’s way and then report the problem.

Maintenance Request

While inconvenient and in need of prompt attention, the following problems are examples of non emergent maintenance issues:

  • Clogged or backed up toilet, sink or bathtub if there are other toilets, sinks or bathtubs available in the property.

  • Other maintenance issues that can be handled during our normal business hours.

Emergency Maintenance Request

The following items are examples of problems that are classified as an Emergency and must be called in to the Office Immediately 480-380-9945:

  • Fire- Call 911 first!! Then call us.

  • Gas Leaks or Gas Smell- Call 911 First! Then call us.

  • Unsafe Electrical Conditions, Immediately contact power company, then contact us.
  • No Air Conditioning when interior temperatures rise above 86 degrees F for evaporative cooling or 82 degrees F for air conditioning.
  • Water leaks that are persistent and cause water to pool in the location.

Tenant Maintenance Request Form

Please Note ALL EMERGENCIES must be called to the office at: 480-830-9945 and may not be submitted with this form.

Have you reported the problem before? *
Type of Problem *
Location of Problem *
Do you have any pets? *
If you have pets will they need be contained during maintenance? *
Does our maintenance team have permission to enter your residence without you present? *
I authorize Farnsworth Realty and Property Management to complete the maintenance requested above.
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