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Arizona Rooms in Buying or Selling Your Home

Arizona Rooms provide transitional living space in homes.

Arizona rooms are popular features of many Arizona homes because they provide a place for recreation and family gatherings, with easy access to the outdoors. They add living space that serves as a transitional area to your yard. An Arizona room is a feature of many homes sold in the Valley of the Sun.

When you see an Arizona Room listed on a property, it is considered bonus living space. They are more than a screened porch, yet not fully considered a room when determining the total living space and square feet of your home.

Arizona Rooms are attached to the home by at least one wall. They provide access between the house and backyard. Arizona Rooms are generally heated and cooled by heating and cooling systems that are separate from the main heat or a/c. Before homes had central air, Arizona rooms were upgraded screened porches. Residents could enjoy the flow of a night breeze while they slept while keeping also kept insects and other critters outside.

Arizona rooms vary in style and construction.

Arizona Rooms can be compared to 3 Season Rooms, for those moving to our area from other locations. The difference is that we enjoy the comfort of an Arizona Room through the winter and use it less in the heat of the summer. Arizona rooms can be noted as “Bonus Rooms”, in real estate listings.

Arizona Rooms provide comfort and protection from the sun.

Arizona rooms are typically more than a screened porch, as they are enclosed by at least knee height walls. Many have windows that fully open during the cooler seasons. Some Arizona rooms are part of the home’s original design. Their architecture is part of the structure of the house. Others are an addition to the home.  

Arizona Room Guidelines and Standards

We’ve included a few of the Maricopa County Guidelines below. This can help you determine if your Arizona Room is up to code:

“Maricopa County Guidelines:

Whether or not a sun-room is considered a habitable space is strictly based on the code. The way of determining if a sun-room is, or is not habitable, is subject to its specific use, and what it is attached to.

As a general rule, an enclosed patio, Arizona room, sun-room or anything else that is directly opened to the existing adjoined habitable space, shall meet the requirements of a habitable space.”

You can also download a PDF, for the full information on having a sun-room in Maricopa County.

What Sellers and Buyers Need to Know About Arizona Rooms

The construction of add-on rooms may be questionable. Homeowners should be sure that their Arizona Room meets local codes and building standards, whether part of the original home, a converted screened porch or additional structure.

Make sure your Arizona room is built to county code and has been permitted.

Make sure that your Arizona Room does not block a bedroom window. Bedroom windows are designed to be used as an escape, in case of an emergency and must be accessible to the exterior of the home.

If you’re selling your home with an Arizona room, make sure that the doors windows and doors all seal. This will prevent the heat from coming in and the cool air from escaping. Confirm that any floor coverings are suitable for high traffic use. They should not buckle or come up from the cement floor.

When you are buying a home with an Arizona room, research whether the room was part of the original build. Make sure that the room was built to code, and wasn’t someone’s DIY project.

Arizona Rooms are a great way of enjoying our great weather. They add value and extra space to your home, without the full cost of a remodel. Arizona Rooms provide a comfortable place to stay out of the sun with extra room for your family and friends to gather.